Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar

One of my absolute favourite things in the world is Shakespeare-in-the-Park. As a part of Repercussion Theatre, a non-profit organization that tours Canada and the U.S., Shakespeare-in-the-Park is a troupe of actors who perform (you guessed it) exclusively Shakespearean plays in outdoor public spaces. It’s because of them that I love the Bard as much as … More Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar

Back in Action!

Hello all you lovely folks! I’ve missed you!! It seems I took an impromptu month-long vacation from blogging. Not that it was a vacation in any other way: I’ve been working solidly since the last week of July, continuing my strict workout regime, and all the while been having people from around the world – … More Back in Action!

A Trip to Boseong

Since leaving my EPIK position in September 2015, I’ve been doing a lot. A “lot” meaning wandering around from place to place, half of the time despairing about where my life is going, a quarter time visiting friends, and the last quarter time putzing around and dabbling in projects here and there. Reading books. Writing … More A Trip to Boseong

Thanksgiving: A Time For Reflection and Too Much Food

This Thanksgiving was great. Really. I’ve been looking forward to it for two whole years and it honestly didn’t let me down. My family get together was actually Sunday rather than today, but as such it made for a good lengthy time to digest the colossal clump of food that congealed in my stomach while … More Thanksgiving: A Time For Reflection and Too Much Food