Marta’s Bucket List

I’ve been keeping a bucket list since I was 15. While it’s evolved a lot over the years (I recall “finish all Harry Potter books” and “wear red lipstick on a regular basis” making the first draft), that’s part of the awesome thing about bucket lists: they change as you do, and they’re ever expanding.

I left my old bucket lists at home when moving to Korea, but started (yet another) new one on my phone within a few weeks of my getting one here. And since I always lose them, change them, or forget things to put on them, I figured it’s time to put it somewhere safe: the Internet.

I’ve divided it into travel (by continent) and life goals/experiences. Some of these things I’ve already accomplished, but rather than chuck them from this new list altogether, what better motivation than to look back and see your accomplishments!

And now on to the ambitious list!




North America
★Road trip across Canada
★Go to all provinces and territories in Canada*
★See Rocky Mountains, Canada
★Go to Vancouver, Canada
★Work in a fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada
★Dogsled in one of the territories of Canada
★Build an igloo (anywhere in Canada)
★Explore deep woods Quebec, Canada
★Go canoe camping in Algonquin Park, Canada
★See Niagara Falls, Canada
★Walk around Quebec City, Canada
★Road trip across USA
★Go to all US States**
★Stand in Times Square, New York
★See Statue of Liberty
★Go to top of Empire State Building
★Visit Grand Canyon at dawn and/or sunset
★Eat gumbo, cajun chicken, giant prawns, blackened catfish, and many more Southern Comfort foods, New Orleans
★Ride the Hulk Coaster in the Islands of Adventure, Florida
★Go to Universal Studios, Florida
★Go to Disney World, Florida
★Go to Harry Potter World, Florida
★Experience Burning Man, Nevada
★Go to San Diego Zoo, California
★Go to Hollywood and stroll the Walk of Fame, California
★Play ukulele in Hawaii
★Go to black sand beach, Hawaii
★Hike volcano cones in Hawaii
★Eat a sugar skull for Dia de los muertos in Mexico
★See Aztec ruins, Mexico
★Eat real Mexican food in Mexico
★Drink tequila in Mexico

*Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

**USA: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C. West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Central America & Caribbean Islands

★Holiday in an all-inclusive Cuban resort
★Visit Havana, Cuba
★Drink rum on the beach in Cuba
★Cross the Panama Canal, Panama
★Zipline in Costa Rica
★Party it up during Mardi Gras, Trinidad
★Eat curry, patties, and seafood stew in Jamaica
★Relax beach-side in a Jamaican hut
★Eat fish in St. Lucia


South America

★Backpack South America
★Straddle the equator in Quito, Ecuador
★Get poncho from Ecuador
★Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
★Hike the Inca Trail, Peru
★Climb to Machu Picchu, Peru
★Eat cuy in Peru
★Boat down the Amazon, Brazil
★Sit in giant Amazonian lily pads, Brazil
★Experience Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
★Motorcycle through Argentina
★Go to Easter Island, Chile



★Set foot on Antarctic continent
★See penguins
★Stand on South Pole
★Boat/walk around icebergs and formations

Antarctic iceberg


★Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand
★Bicycle through New Zealand
★Work on sheep farm, New Zealand
★See a kiwi bird (preferably wild) in New Zealand
★Go to Sydney, Australia
★See a show at the Sydney Opera House, Australia
★See kangaroos (preferably in the wild), Australia
★Hug a koala, Australia
★Go walkabout/bushwalking in Australian Outback
★Eat kangaroo in Australia
★Try vegemite
★Eat an Australian steak
★Hear a kookaburra laughin’ in the old gum tree, Australia
★Feed cockatoos (yes, much to the dismay of whatever locals are nearby), Australia
★See Fairy Penguins in Melbourne, Australia
★Go to steampunk festival in Melbourne, Australia
★Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
★Drive from Darwin to Alice Springs to see Uluru and then to Victoria, Australia
★Scuba dive in Western Australia
★Go to Perth, Australia
★Go to Tasmania, Australia


Southeast Asia

★Chill in Bali, Indonesia
★Work at an orangutan sanctuary, Borneo (or anywhere)
★Party at the full moon festival, Thailand
★Hike the Northern Thai mountains, Thailand
★Ride an elephant through the jungle, Thailand
★Eat street food and pad thai in Thailand
★Go to the beach in Southern Thailand
★Visit Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand
★Go to Happy Beach, Cambodia
★Trek through the jungle, Laos
★Celebrate Water Festival in either Burma, Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand
★Travel through Vietnam by tuk tuk
★Vacation in El Nido, Philippines



★Tour Hong Kong
★Partake in Mud Festival, South Korea
★Go to Korea Burn, South Korea
★Go to Ulleungdo, South Korea
★Go to Dokdo Islands, South Korea
★Go to Busan fish market, South Korea
★Vacation on Jeju Island, South Korea
★Take heaps of lewd photos in Penis Park, South Korea
★Go to K-Pop concert, South Korea
★See Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea
★Go on propaganda tour through North Korea
★Go to Tokyo, Japan
★Find used underpants vending machine in Japan
★Eat sushi, ramen, and oodon in Japan (including out of vending machine)
★Relax on the beach of Okinawa, Japan
★Get a kimono from Japan
★See spring cherry blossoms in Japan
★Hike Mount Fuji
★Do a temple stay in Nepal
★Eat real Nepalese dumplings in Nepal
★Get a rug from Nepal
★Get a Tibetan Singing Bowl from Nepal
★Hike the Himalayas in Nepal
★Celebrate the colour festival, India
★Visit Agra, India
★Visit Delhi, India
★Get a sari from India
★Journey into the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
★Stay in yurt, Mongolia
★Eat authentic Mongolian hot pot in Mongolia
★At least set foot in Kazakhstan, because Borat



★Backpack Europe
★Go to London, England
★Ride red double decker bus, England
★Go to Harry Potter studios, England
★Go to Doctor Who set, England
★Have a drink at The Eagle and Child, England
★See a show at the Globe Theater, England
★Visit 221B Baker Street, England
★Visit Beatles landmarks, England
★Take a picture in front of Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Wales
★Go to Edinburgh, Scotland
★Trek through Scottish moors, Scotland
★Have a real Guinness in Ireland
★Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland
★Camp around Iceland
★See Northern Lights in Iceland
★See Eiffel Tower, France
★Tour Versailles, France
★Have wine, cheese, and coffee in France
★Bicycle through the south of France
★Eat tapas with wine in Spain
★Go to Toledo, Spain
★Take part in the tomatina, Spain
★Go to the Sagrade Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain
★Sightsee for architecture in Madrid, Spain
★Bicycle through countryside in Spain
★See that random terrible Jesus restoration, Spain

I just will never stop laughing at this

★Eat all the food in Italy (especially pizza and gelato)
★See Colosseum and leaning tower of Pisa, Italy
★Visit Caecilius’ house in Pompeii, Italy
★Visit Florence, Italy
★Visit Venice, Italy
★Visit Tuscany, Italy
★Rent out a villa in the Italian countryside
★See The Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Vatican City
★Visit ancient Greek ruins, Greece
★Tour Athens, Greece
★Ski in the Alps, any European country will do
★See the Little Mermaid statue, Denmark
★Eat a Danish in Denmark
★Eat real Belgian chocolate and waffles in Belgium
★Go to cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands
★See tulip festival in Netherlands
★Visit Oslo, Norway
★Travel the fjords of Norway
★Go to Reykjavik, Iceland
★Buy a pair of wooden shoes in Netherlands
★Go to Austria
★Go to body painting festival in Austria
★Go to Sound of Music mountaintop in Salzberg Alps and spin, Austria
★Tour Vienna
★See a Viennese opera, Austria
★Drink beer and celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany
★Go to a Renaissance Fair in Prague, Czech Republic
★Go to summer boat-party festival in Croatia
★Go to Transylvania, Romania
★Take a train across Russia
★See the Russian Ballet in Russia



★Go to the Great Rift Valley, Kenya
★Go on safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania
★See the pyramids, Egypt
★See ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar
★Travel across the Sahara Desert, Egypt
★Boat down the Nile, Egypt
★Go to beaches in Cape Town, South Africa




★Pay off student loans
★Go on student exchange
★Become (at least functionally) bilingual
★Become (at least functionally) trilingual
★Become (at least functionally) quadrilingual
★Learn the ukulele [in progress]
★Get a driver’s license (yeah, I’m a bit slow on that…)
★Get a scuba diving license
★Get a tattoo
★Do yoga
★Live abroad for a full year
★See the Northern Lights
★Publish short stories
★Get paid for publishing short stories
★Publish a novel
★Write freelance articles
★Have a job in my own industry (English/writing/publishing)
★Support myself through writing alone
★Get a BA
★Get Masters
★Get PhD
★Teach creative writing at a university level
★Work for a year WWOOFing
★Go on paleontological dig
★Go on archaeological dig
★Party in Las Vegas
★Spend time in artist residency
★Set up artist residency
★Go to San Diego Comic Con (geekdom central, yay!)
★Work at chocolaterie
★Become fluent in French (eh, good enough)
★Become fluent in Spanish
★Learn German
★Visit family in Austria
★Experience midnight sun
★See Northern Lights
★Write for a television show
★Write an episode of Doctor Who (as a super geeky star-reaching goal)
★Create a television show
★Teach English abroad
★Work as an air stewardess
★Live in New York City
★Learn to draw/paint in realism style
★Go at least a year without experiencing winter, snow, ice, or below freezing temperatures (ideally not below 20C)
★Set foot on all 7 continents

7 thoughts on “Marta’s Bucket List

  1. errr you can cross off Washington D.C. (remember the Smithsonian Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, late night chinese food supper?) and perhaps driving through Vermont to go south (not too sure ’bout that one).
    You forgot . . . Walk on another planet ! (my favorite).
    All i can say is . . . . You Go Girl !


  2. I done only a handful from your incredibly daunting but inspiring bucket list.

    That said, there are two items that I might be able to help with in a tiny way:

    1) Vermont (obviously): If you plan on passing through, I have some routes in mind and a time of year (basically NOW, for the foliage). And you and yours would have a place to stay if needed.

    2) Cross country U.S.: I’ve been to all the lower 48, nearly all at least twice. Again I have some routes in mind and highlights, which includes the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, a certain redwood grove, Key West, The Badlands, The Gulf Coast … but enough of that for now.


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