Happy English Teacher

So. Been a while. I kind of fell off the radar the last few days, but for good reason. Because it’s also been a while since I could say something else: that I’m an English teacher. But I officially am! Well, officially classes haven’t begun yet (I’m starting in the August semester), but I’ve been hired … More Happy English Teacher

Resupplied, and Becoming a Connoisseur of the World’s Markets

Chances are when you’re living somewhere for an extended period of time, you’re going to find products or amenities that you feel you can’t live without. Even things of equivalent standard: you just can’t use anything but that particular thing. At first this feeling just comes from the stuff you leave back home when you first move abroad. … More Resupplied, and Becoming a Connoisseur of the World’s Markets

I’m Back!

No I’ve not died some painful, poisonous death while in the land of Oz (though there was a close encounter with a shark. But imma teaser trailer you with that and make you wait to read more about that in a near-future post….). There was, however, a large lack of internet. So while I was … More I’m Back!