Eating London: Food Recommendations in Chinatown

Defying all rules of travel, I barely ate any British food whilst in London. Instead? Chinese food. Korean food. Japanese food. We were incredibly fortunate that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was smack in the Chinatown district, and we made excellent use of our time there by eating everything delicious that we possibly could. Canterbury and … More Eating London: Food Recommendations in Chinatown

Marks of the World

You know you’re a world traveler when you have five different types of money in your wallet. That would be Japanese yen, Korean Won, Australian Dollars, Canadian change, and 5 Chinese zhongguo renmin yinhang (though that last one’s a cheat, I got it in my coins when I bought groceries down te street ^ ^).

Metros I have Used

[I realize that I start every post with an apology for being neglectful…Marta has been extremely prolific on the blog, and it’s inspired me to tack at the keyboard once more! Here’s a simple image post while I finish my other one :3 A comparison between three major cities in East Asia and home.] Tokyo … More Metros I have Used