The Drawings Continue!

Remember that grade 3 girl who I was doing the drawing exchange with? Well some other students found out she was getting drawings (and not understanding the arrangement we had about I-draw-one-she-copies-and-I-draw-a-new-one-for-her-to-copy) and suddenly they were all clamoring for drawings. My co-teacher JH scolded them and they backed off – though this included the original … More The Drawings Continue!

Portraits and Oranges

Really lost track of this month, apparently. As such, this is more a guilt-post than anything since I’ve been taking refuge with Ricky indoors where it’s warm and there’s much tea anx hot cocoa to be consumed. Anyway, one thing I have been doing is art class. We’ve focused on drawing techniques and I’ve really … More Portraits and Oranges

Ueno Zoo Day

Went to Ueno zoo yesterday for some quality wandering and sketching. Scorcher of a day, but lovely all the same. DIY ticket machine. Ueno zoo might be on the small side (at least for me, used to the grand scale of Granby Zoo in Quebec), but it really did a great job in landscaping and … More Ueno Zoo Day

Watching Sunrise From the Slopes of a Volcano, or How to Survive Mount Fuji With A Water Bottle, An Oxygen Aerosol, and A Snickers Bar

Just finished my travel journal entry for our Mount Fuji expedition! I’ll keep it at the journal pages for this post and update with the photos in an upcoming post. Again, if you want to hazard my horrendous handwriting, feel free to read. Otherwise kick back and scroll!

Konnichiwa, Bitches! Day One and Two In Japan and the Decline Into a Bricollage Junkie

This trip I’m being daring and trying to keep a travel journal. I’ve only kept one once before, for a ten day vacation in Vancouver. I really loved keeping one but haven’t found the time since. But this trip with the lovely Leslie, I’m giving it another shot. Thus my posts from here on will … More Konnichiwa, Bitches! Day One and Two In Japan and the Decline Into a Bricollage Junkie

Drawing Exchange

In one of my third grade classes, I once gave put pieces of paper to draw on to keep the students who had already finished their work busy. Most didn’t know what to do, and, “Just draw a picture – anything you want!” wasn’t in their English vocabulary bank, so I drew small pictures on … More Drawing Exchange

Art Therapy

Today was part two of the GET Teaching Contest. As finalist, we had to do an open class wherein two judges would sit at the back and watch us while we do our thing in front of the class and try really hard to pretend like we don’t care that every move, intonation, and, of course, mistake … More Art Therapy


So there was a free book up for grabs today for the person who posted the best selfie, and me being slave to whatever means will get me free books, I decided to be ironic about it and draw a self portrait of me taking a selfie. Except by the time I’d finished, all free … More #Selfie