Bar Italia

During our last trip, Ricky took me to one of his favourite places in all of London: Bar Italia. Located in the heart of Soho, it’s a great location for some morning caffeine or an afternoon break. That said, I would have easily sidestepped the unassuming front with its shadowed interior had I not had someone … More Bar Italia

Eating London: Food Recommendations in Chinatown

Defying all rules of travel, I barely ate any British food whilst in London. Instead? Chinese food. Korean food. Japanese food. We were incredibly fortunate that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was smack in the Chinatown district, and we made excellent use of our time there by eating everything delicious that we possibly could. Canterbury and … More Eating London: Food Recommendations in Chinatown

Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Canadian Thanksgiving, that is – because ours is like a month and a half earlier than in the States. There’s a few ways that the holiday is different up here in America’s hat, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share them! 1. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! While American Thanksgiving … More Canadian Thanksgiving


You might not think it, what with being so far North, but Montreal actually has a microclimate. Something about the warmer wind currents being pushed up from the South (meaning we get heaps of thunderstorms and the tail end of hurricanes come August). In any case, it means that a lot of foods you might … More Pears

A Taste of Texas

My lovely cousin and her family came to visit over the weekend – a truly special occasion as I haven’t seen her in almost ten years. They all live in Texas, and being on near opposite ends of North America means seeing each other has been difficult to arrange. It’s definitely hard not being able … More A Taste of Texas

Resupplied, and Becoming a Connoisseur of the World’s Markets

Chances are when you’re living somewhere for an extended period of time, you’re going to find products or amenities that you feel you can’t live without. Even things of equivalent standard: you just can’t use anything but that particular thing. At first this feeling just comes from the stuff you leave back home when you first move abroad. … More Resupplied, and Becoming a Connoisseur of the World’s Markets