Merry Christmas

Nothing like being home for the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, if you even do at all, I wish you all a wonderful season of love, joy, and much good company. Merry Christmas, everyone ♡


You might not think it, what with being so far North, but Montreal actually has a microclimate. Something about the warmer wind currents being pushed up from the South (meaning we get heaps of thunderstorms and the tail end of hurricanes come August). In any case, it means that a lot of foods you might … More Pears

Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar

One of my absolute favourite things in the world is Shakespeare-in-the-Park. As a part of Repercussion Theatre, a non-profit organization that tours Canada and the U.S., Shakespeare-in-the-Park is a troupe of actors who perform (you guessed it) exclusively Shakespearean plays in outdoor public spaces. It’s because of them that I love the Bard as much as … More Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar

Le Monde en Fête: Chambly’s Neighbourhood Festivals

If you know me, you’ll also know that I knock the town I live in for being both in the middle of nowhere and kinda boring. Mostly this comes from being super lonely. Since coming home last summer, however, and going with Ricky to all the new restaurants, bars, and cute little shops that have … More Le Monde en Fête: Chambly’s Neighbourhood Festivals

Back in Action!

Hello all you lovely folks! I’ve missed you!! It seems I took an impromptu month-long vacation from blogging. Not that it was a vacation in any other way: I’ve been working solidly since the last week of July, continuing my strict workout regime, and all the while been having people from around the world – … More Back in Action!

Ink Splatters, or Why My Cuticles Are Now Permanently Black

Not too long ago, my mom came home from Omer Deserres (the best/cheapest art shop in Quebec) with some 18″x24″ drawing paper that was on sale for something absurd like $2. I don’t know what possessed me to use it for ink, since the cover clearly indicates it’s for “dry media”, but I went and … More Ink Splatters, or Why My Cuticles Are Now Permanently Black

Learning From Running

Ever since leaving Korea earlier than planned, I’ve been having a lot of confidence issues. It’s a powerful thing to admit to yourself that you’ve reached your limit – and definitely is an important lesson to learn. But at the same time admitting to yourself you can’t do something you were sure you could manage … More Learning From Running