Payday today, which means of course going downtown and having a little shopping fun. For me it also meant indulging in something a little different. Now I’ve been wanting a nose and lip piercing for months, pinning a butt ton of Pins for inspiration and looking on with envy at all those with gorgeous facial … More Shiny

Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 2, and Errands in the Sun (and Rain)

And so to continue with our summer camp adventures. Today was, to use my co-teacher’s newest vocabulary word, sweltering. It’s probably the hottest day I’ve ever experienced in Korea and temperatures that soared over 40°C at least with 100% humidity. So while I sat “supervising” my kids (aka melting and near comatose from heat exhaustion), … More Summer Camp: Part 1, Day 2, and Errands in the Sun (and Rain)

Korea: As It Stands

Because I haven’t been posting, I haven’t been documenting my feelings about being in Korea, work, travel, etc., so it’s going to be tough to summarize it all here without being too long or (frankly) boring. So thank you in advance, if you take the time to read this. Much like Marta, I’ve had some … More Korea: As It Stands

Crusty Soap

This is a post to continue on Marta’s soap gallery. I actually had been planning on writing a post called “Soaps I have Used” (to pair with “Metros I have Used“) buuuut then I didn’t really keep up with taking pictures…Here are three in order of worst to best (relatively). Keep in mind these are all … More Crusty Soap

The Hand-Job Soap

If you’re lucky enough to come across a public bathroom in Korea that has soap at all, it’s likely going to come in an unexpected form. Not in a squirty spout, not in a dispenser, not in a nifty foam, but a bar of blue soap impaled on a stick. Now the squeamish germaphobe in … More The Hand-Job Soap

Happy Canada Day!

Today was my country’s birthday, and as such we had to celebrate – albeit in the modest way we Canucks get hoppin. An impromptu party was put together by Buzz, my favourite foreigner bar in Chungdae, or the main drinking quarter. Everyone was invited to enjoy poutine (ahem…”poutine”…sorry my inner Quebecoise snob couldn’t condone it … More Happy Canada Day!