Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar

One of my absolute favourite things in the world is Shakespeare-in-the-Park. As a part of Repercussion Theatre, a non-profit organization that tours Canada and the U.S., Shakespeare-in-the-Park is a troupe of actors who perform (you guessed it) exclusively Shakespearean plays in outdoor public spaces. It’s because of them that I love the Bard as much as … More Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar

Montreal Sundry: La Grande Terrasse

Winter in Montreal sucks. It’s endless, desperately cold, and induces much cabin fever from being cooped up indoors for so long. Every summer, is, therefore, a celebration. Lately Montreal’s been putting up communal spaces for people to enjoy for as long as the sun is shining, compensating for the difficult season enveloping most of the year. … More Montreal Sundry: La Grande Terrasse

Montreal Sunset

One of my favourite sights in the world is of the Montreal skyline from across the water. Doubleplusgood when it’s at either sunset or sunrise: nothing like that tall, icy blue sky meeting the orange band of the horizon. Montreal is such a small city, all the more modest for being an island with limited … More Montreal Sunset

Study Without Ink

It’s a habit of mine to always use ink pen to outline or accent my paintings. In my dépanneur study, I definitely abused this habit and went a little overboard. In my light and simplicity study, I used it minimally, but wanting to keep it simple had me compromising the quality as I went quickly. … More Study Without Ink

In the Master’s Studio: Rodin Exhibition at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts

Just like secret agents sliding under a sealing security gate, Ricky and I managed to squeeze into the Rodin exhibition’s last week of showing at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. A good thing too: it was a collection not to be missed. The day itself was windy and rainy, one of those afternoons with an … More In the Master’s Studio: Rodin Exhibition at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts

Summer Drums: The Euphoria of Montreal’s Tam-Tams

Summer’s officially orbited out of our hemisphere, but as I’ve been so busy setting up my Etsy shop, I haven’t got around to posting some of the photos I took during the warm lazy days of August’s end. One of my adventures took me to Montreal’s Mount Royal, the maze-like green space topped with a … More Summer Drums: The Euphoria of Montreal’s Tam-Tams