Meanwhile in Myeongdong

We were browsing Forever21 when we came across a mannequin’s lovely plumber’s crack. Also this fine specimen of modern jewelry. In other news, Andrea’s showed me how to play her ukulele and has totally converted me. We’re going to buy me one tomorrow!!


In addition to newly joining an art club, I’ve also signed up for samulnori classes. Samulnori is a style of traditional Korean drumming/percussion. Samul means “four things” (aka the four types of instruments used to play in the group percussion), and nori means “play”. It also happens to be something I’ve been wanting to try since I first … More Samulnori

U is for Ukelele

Alright alright…I’m finally posting! Recently I’ve become completely absorbed by learning how to play the ukelele. Ever since leaving Canada, I’ve really missed playing the piano – just the challenge of mastering a technical skill, something you can pick up in your hands and drive at full force. For a long time I waffled between … More U is for Ukelele