Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

Happy Canada Day, you hosers! 149 years ago, this vast nation of beavers, maple trees, and tundra officially became Canada. For most, this means fireworks, barbecues, and red and white festivities. For Quebec, however, Canada Day is just Moving Day. Given that Quebecers celebrate their own “Fête Nationale” just one week before July 1st, it makes … More Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

Time Travel: Looking Back At Past Travels

Now I realize I’ve just started the post series “Montreal Sundry”, but lately I’m feeling ambitious. Not to mention full of wanderlust. Thus I’m going to introduce another casual series of posts as well: “Time Travel”, or looking back at my travels from before I started this blog (and possibly catching up on stuff I meant to … More Time Travel: Looking Back At Past Travels

Putting Down Roots

In slight thematic continuation of yesterday’s post on making the best of things while I’m in Canada, I’ve decided to put down some roots. Rhubarb roots, specifically. About a week ago, I accompanied my parents to the garden centre where I found a lovely rhubarb plant. For some reason, despite my green-thumb-deficiency, I got it in my … More Putting Down Roots

A Sexy New Look

As you’ve probably noticed, the blog has undergone some changes in the last 24 hours! It’s still a work in progress as I’m absolutely horrible at any kind of template customization, but I’ve got it to the point of readable which I’m going to just go ahead and pat myself on the back for. Actually, … More A Sexy New Look