The Last Run

I finally did it. Four months ago, I started running. Using the Couch to 5K app, I gasped my way through running for one single minute at a time. Sixteen weeks later, I’m running 5K in half an hour. It took twice as long as the program was supposed to last, but I took it in my stride, pushed … More The Last Run

Learning From Running

Ever since leaving Korea earlier than planned, I’ve been having a lot of confidence issues. It’s a powerful thing to admit to yourself that you’ve reached your limit – and definitely is an important lesson to learn. But at the same time admitting to yourself you can’t do something you were sure you could manage … More Learning From Running

Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

Happy Canada Day, you hosers! 149 years ago, this vast nation of beavers, maple trees, and tundra officially became Canada. For most, this means fireworks, barbecues, and red and white festivities. For Quebec, however, Canada Day is just Moving Day. Given that Quebecers celebrate their own “Fête Nationale” just one week before July 1st, it makes … More Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)


Originally I’d planned for today’s post to be a joyful cultural exploration of one of my favourite Quebec holidays taking place every June 24th – St Jean Baptiste – but certain international circumstances rather take precedence. Brexit. The first time I heard the term used to start describing the referendum was only a week or … More Brexit

A Careful Cultivation

One thing that I tried really hard to do in the UK was cultivate healthy habits. I tried to do this for a lot of reasons: to become physically healthier, mentally healthier, and to create a routine wherein I could creatively produce on a regular basis. That last one especially is something I’ve always wanted … More A Careful Cultivation