Drawing Exchange

In one of my third grade classes, I once gave put pieces of paper to draw on to keep the students who had already finished their work busy. Most didn’t know what to do, and, “Just draw a picture – anything you want!” wasn’t in their English vocabulary bank, so I drew small pictures on … More Drawing Exchange

Drinking Salad

Not getting your daily veggie intake? Try this drinking salad! They served this to us at lunch and I could’t get over how adorable the translation was. Tasted decent too! (Though my taste buds are pretty forgiving; HM wasn’t a fan).

The Claw

As one walks the streets of Korea, one begins to notice an odd thing: arcade games set up on the street. I don’t know if this is just a Cheongju thing, but I mean those coin operated punching bags, vending machines that drop their goods according to chance, and lots and lots of claw machines: … More The Claw

Korean Kids

It’s fairly common knowledge that I’m not a fan of kids, but I have to say Korean children can be adorable despite my aversion to human offspring. My lovely friend TN linked me this video today of a mother trying to teach her daughter an important life lesson, and I dare you to watch it … More Korean Kids

A Koala Abroad

Andrea came over a couple weeks back for the week off she had from her school. Dear Andrea is the biggest koala bear ever and can sleep sounder than a narcoleptic sloth on valium. As such I always wake up before her….which leads me to mischievous activities such as taking photos of her sleeping that … More A Koala Abroad

Message From Stable

We’ve reached the end of the school year in Korea. Two whole classes of grade sixers are graduating this Tuesday when I really only started to get to know them. It won’t be the last I see of them though – most of them live in the area, which I know because I ran into … More Message From Stable