Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Two Years Worth of Anticipation

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve just come back from a lovely six-week trip in the UK. The main reason I went (aside from my handsome man of course) was for something very special indeed. A Christmas gift from that very same handsome man two years ago in fact. Two golden tickets – … More Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Two Years Worth of Anticipation

The Last Run

I finally did it. Four months ago, I started running. Using the Couch to 5K app, I gasped my way through running for one single minute at a time. Sixteen weeks later, I’m running 5K in half an hour. It took twice as long as the program was supposed to last, but I took it in my stride, pushed … More The Last Run

Back in Action!

Hello all you lovely folks! I’ve missed you!! It seems I took an impromptu month-long vacation from blogging. Not that it was a vacation in any other way: I’ve been working solidly since the last week of July, continuing my strict workout regime, and all the while been having people from around the world – … More Back in Action!

Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

Happy Canada Day, you hosers! 149 years ago, this vast nation of beavers, maple trees, and tundra officially became Canada. For most, this means fireworks, barbecues, and red and white festivities. For Quebec, however, Canada Day is just Moving Day. Given that Quebecers celebrate their own “Fête Nationale” just one week before July 1st, it makes … More Canada Day! (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

Saint Jean Baptiste: Quebec’s National Holiday

Yesterday’s post might have pushed this one back, but there’s not much that can keep Quebec under the hood for long. In fact, it’s almost more apropos than ever in light of recent politics: June 24th is our provincial celebration that is fuelled by the Québécois fires of independence. Not that we are independent (to the dismay … More Saint Jean Baptiste: Quebec’s National Holiday

Listening to Your Body

  Some days you manage to pack everything in and roll through your schedule like a bowling ball’s strike. Other days you fall asleep at 8pm whilst watching Adventure Time and wake up at 4am panicking that you missed your bus. Needless to say, I did the latter last night. I never wrote yesterday’s blog post, prepared my … More Listening to Your Body