Oka Beach

I was 11 years old the first time I saw the ocean, and I had to go all the way to Virginia Beach in the USA to see it (though that was just a happy byproduct of attending my uncle’s wedding, not even for the ocean itself). I say this as a way of explaining … More Oka Beach

Back in Action!

Hello all you lovely folks! I’ve missed you!! It seems I took an impromptu month-long vacation from blogging. Not that it was a vacation in any other way: I’ve been working solidly since the last week of July, continuing my strict workout regime, and all the while been having people from around the world – … More Back in Action!

Montreal Sundry: La Grande Terrasse

Winter in Montreal sucks. It’s endless, desperately cold, and induces much cabin fever from being cooped up indoors for so long. Every summer, is, therefore, a celebration. Lately Montreal’s been putting up communal spaces for people to enjoy for as long as the sun is shining, compensating for the difficult season enveloping most of the year. … More Montreal Sundry: La Grande Terrasse

A Taste of Texas

My lovely cousin and her family came to visit over the weekend – a truly special occasion as I haven’t seen her in almost ten years. They all live in Texas, and being on near opposite ends of North America means seeing each other has been difficult to arrange. It’s definitely hard not being able … More A Taste of Texas

Montreal Sunset

One of my favourite sights in the world is of the Montreal skyline from across the water. Doubleplusgood when it’s at either sunset or sunrise: nothing like that tall, icy blue sky meeting the orange band of the horizon. Montreal is such a small city, all the more modest for being an island with limited … More Montreal Sunset