The Last Run

I finally did it. Four months ago, I started running. Using the Couch to 5K app, I gasped my way through running for one single minute at a time. Sixteen weeks later, I’m running 5K in half an hour. It took twice as long as the program was supposed to last, but I took it in my stride, pushed … More The Last Run

Happy English Teacher

So. Been a while. I kind of fell off the radar the last few days, but for good reason. Because it’s also been a while since I could say something else: that I’m an English teacher. But I officially am! Well, officially classes haven’t begun yet (I’m starting in the August semester), but I’ve been hired … More Happy English Teacher

Learning From Running

Ever since leaving Korea earlier than planned, I’ve been having a lot of confidence issues. It’s a powerful thing to admit to yourself that you’ve reached your limit – and definitely is an important lesson to learn. But at the same time admitting to yourself you can’t do something you were sure you could manage … More Learning From Running

An Eye in 5 Steps

My sister’s visiting from Toronto so I decided to spend some quality time oil painting with her. She’s never used oils before, and I’m always keen to get people to try it since I’m a huge fan of the medium myself. While she was doing her own splendid thing, I in turn decided to try … More An Eye in 5 Steps

Listening to Your Body

  Some days you manage to pack everything in and roll through your schedule like a bowling ball’s strike. Other days you fall asleep at 8pm whilst watching Adventure Time and wake up at 4am panicking that you missed your bus. Needless to say, I did the latter last night. I never wrote yesterday’s blog post, prepared my … More Listening to Your Body

Trampolines: Free Trial Fitness Class at Montreal’s House of Bounce

Not too long ago, a friend of mine suggested I come with her to try out a trampoline fitness class at House of Bounce in Montreal. A fitness class on a trampoline? I thought. Hellz to the yes.  I ended up going today after work, my exercise gear all packed and ready in my bag. … More Trampolines: Free Trial Fitness Class at Montreal’s House of Bounce